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A number of students' registered inventions with superior ranking in International competitions:
1. Full – automatic dishwasher
2. Microscopic homogenization of surfaces through penetration method
3. Liquid mechanical pump
4. Vehicle side mirror with the capability of vision in several directions
5. Car hood movable from front and back
6. Rubber sclerometer
7. Intelligent anti-lock brake for motorcycle
8. 11-Function carpentry device
9. Wetting device and gas preparatory device for polymetric fuel cell
10. Simple geer designing software
11. Manufacture of electric soldering iron by using graphite energized by 5 to 24 – volt batteries
12. Car and house alarms capable of using coil
13. Electrochemical CU.C.AL battery without ion exchange
14. Mechanical switch torque and high – stroke stimulator of micro – switch
15. Hydroelectric device converting fluid energy to constant energy
16. Air pollutant purification device special for industrial centers
17. Device determining the mass center of inhomogeneous and human non-rigid center
18. Intelligent direction – finder mirrors
19. Full-spinning, ball-bearing crane of columns with two catchers
20. Controlling sleepwalkers by individual relative positioning system
21. Vehicle balance system and prevention from being overturned by pump weights
22. Floating immersed propeller (boat)
23. Design and construction of floating autonomous system (boat)
24. Design and construction of doubled-hull unmanned boat (catamaran) with floating width stabilizer winglets
25. Weakening glass in automobiles
26. Construction of a line following robot
Islamic Azad University
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